Run multiple Whatsapp , Facebook , Messenger etc in single android device

Hi Guyz ! Now u can use Multiple accounts


of same app in single device and amazing part of this trick is, you do not need to root your phone. I am sure you guys have multiple Facebook, WhatsApp, etc account and you are using multiple devices for the same as well, but now you can use all those multiple accounts in single device by following below given steps so lets proceed and check out this awesome app named as Parallel Space which allows us to multiple accounts in same device.

Trying to login to multiple Facebook or Instagram accounts at the same time? Here’s the revolutionary tech for you. Parallel Space is an unique app which allows you to sign in two different Facebook accounts simultaneously on a single Android device.
Steps To Follow :

1. Download Parallel Space.

2. Now install and proceed to App Dashboard.

3. After successful installation, you can see “+” Button, just click on it.

4. Now add any app which you want to use multiple accounts.

* You can use all well known apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Clash Of Clans, and many more apps.

So enjoy this superb app and keep sharing this post with friends so that all can enjoy this awesome way to run Multiple accounts of same app in single device.

Thanks for reading this post…Stay in touch to get more amazing offers, tricks etc…U can ask any question personally on Whatsapp…not in group !!!


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